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Negative Edge will open by (Late) September 2021
By Negative Edge
Posted on Sunday, August 15th, 2021 at 04:21pm

I have decided to open up after all of this time this coming (Late) September. Me being a one man army with everything I have done for the community in my area and across the internet, I almost lost focus of this entire project, however I needed my own platform to promote myself outside of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. I needed a place where I can be easily reached and manage my own domain also a platform where customers, supporters, and more can communicate and see my work outside of the public social media platforms.

I also will no longer be streaming on major streaming platforms period. I decided to go independent with my own streaming platform right here on the Negative Edge Domain and have absolute control over anything, no restrictions, no limitations, etc. I am in control of my domain, hell I own it so I better be!

Anyway that's all the news for now, I am still working on a few things here, setting up a shop where users can order/request/purchase streaming layouts or need web or computer services.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
See y'all in September or sooner!

-Negative Edge aka T.J. Dobbs

All links are disabled until the site is open to the public.

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Topic Creation test
By Negative Edge
Posted on Sunday, March 21th, 2021 at 09:40am

Lately since people are now getting their tax returns and stimulus checks, I have been getting a lot of inquires about PC builds or putting a build together, right now the GPU market (Graphics cards) is horrible right now due to cryptocurrency being on the rise (miners buying up GPUS in bulk), Scalpers thanks to the new Nvidia 3000 and Radeon 6000 series graphics cards, they are hard to come buy or Scalpers selling them at ridiculous prices... Also chip production has slowed down a lot over seas. There are plenty of used cards being sold but people are taking advantage of the shortage and inflation and attempting to sell something twice the amount or more...
As of now, until this changes, PC builds will have to be put on hold until the GPU market restores itself to normal or close to normal unless you are willing to pay the extra amount for a GPU alone which will increase the cost of a PC build tremendously based on what you want.
I am in a couple of communities that offers GPUs at a reasonable price which will help me with a clients PC build but its first come first serve and that's not an easy task. So thanks to this, Me building high end or Gaming PCs will have to be put on hold until further notice.
Now if people wants PCs for emulation purposes or just office, graphic, web work outside of hard core gaming and video rendering, that is still possible, but most are in it for the gaming, live streaming, and multimedia creating and sadly because of this situation I've explained earlier, that process will be extremely slow and put on hold.
Thanks for reading and understanding.
-TJ Dobbs
-Negative Edge

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Testing to see if the BBC codes works
By Negative Edge
Posted on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 at 12:52pm

As the title says, testing to see if the BBC Codes work on the front page.

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