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MK 11 Grudge Match, Saturday Jan. 28th

MK 11 Grudge Match, Saturday Jan. 28th

Negative Edge

Member No: 1
Join Date: 10/15/2020
Role: Staff

Posted on Friday, January 27th, 2023 at 05:52pm


This Saturday, Tomorrow, the 28th is where Negative Edge E-Sports will host its first ever Grudge Match for the current and former GODS of MK11.

This event will be hosted at my place and live streamed at (Click Here)

My staff (Young Madara, and Moneymob Dub) and myself will start community POT by contributing $50 each making the starting POT $150. The GODS themselves will also contribute to the current POT amount of their choice increasing the starting amount. If you the community wants to contribute however much to the POT then you may do so and ill have something set up before the day of the event where you can do so then or during the actual event being streamed.

I am willing to host a SMALL gathering to watch the event at my place and watch it on the big 150 inch screen.

If anyone wants to come by, all I ask is that we just chip in for some food, probably pizza or wings, something simple.

This will consist of three first to ten matches between Denzel Palmer, 901 Demon, and Chopperazi, winner takes all!

Depending on the intrest and sucessful outcome, then we will hold this same grudge match structure the current and past GODs of DragonBall Fighters Z and Tekken 7 leading into the next GODs of Memphis 2023 event. (More details on the next Gods of Memphis 2023 event later)

Participants are to be expected to show at 12pm, the event will start at 3pm.

Again if anyone wants to come and hang out and see this in person, you are welcome to come thru and chill, just chip in on whatever we order to eat lol.

See y'all Saturday.

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