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Next Event Location Buffalo Wild wings in Bartl...

Next Event Location Buffalo Wild wings in Bartlett, TN

Negative Edge

Member No: 1
Join Date: 10/15/2020
Role: Staff

Posted on Saturday, Febuary 5th, 2022 at 12:19am

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So yeah, Now they we have access to the Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant/Venue with a dedicated section just for events like this, what do y'all think?

However this time around there will be an entry fee however the amount yet to be determined but mainly to guarantee that food will be ordered from this establishment so this can possibly be a monthly or bi -monthly thing in the future. Whatever the fee will be a food voucher will be included, at least that is the plan. plus y'all will have access to purchasing alcoholic drinks as well.

I will still have the custom Arcade gaming tables and VR Setups present for the event but this will eliminate catering on my part like I always do.

A sign up page will be available for this event where you all can sign up and like before there will be a fee to participate in events and this time around, everyone will get a chance to play and fight to either defend or obtain the GOD title.

My team and I will work out some more details on this venture and have more info provided.

Cash prizes hasn't changed but again the session will not end when a GOD is eliminated like the previous events. I promised you all that everyone that's participating (who signed up) will get their turn.

Feedback is welcomed. Thank you.

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