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Negative Edge moving and upgrading to a new server

Negative Edge moving and upgrading to a new server

Negative Edge

Member No: 1
Join Date: 10/15/2020
Role: Staff

Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2022 at 03:00pm

Some information about the negative Edge Server and those who I host websites for and Browser Source style streaming applications and add-ons. If a customer please read, Very Important.

The Negative Edge Dedicated Server will be going through a massive upgrade and server change since I've started my own Live streaming platform (Private as of now, plan to be public in the future). As of this moment I have backed up all resources so when the new server configuration is completed, I can begin the transferring process and point the current domain to the new server box and continue as we have been doing.

Between Tomorrow and Friday at the latest all shall be completed but during the process and if any of my clients I host experience downtimes with their streaming applications or websites, this is why and will be up and running shortly after.

I wanted to make everyone aware of what's taking place since Negative Edge is out growing itself as a community, it's own entity, and more.

Thank you for understanding,
-TJ Dobbs
Negative Edge LLC

Old Server (the one we leaving now, Been using this for years, it's time now)

New Server (the one we going to, way better resources and bandwith and more ips to use)

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