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Strega (A custom Tokusatsu themed layout based ...

Strega (A custom Tokusatsu themed layout based on my clients character)

Negative Edge

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Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2022 at 09:55am (editied)

YouTube Plugin by Negative Edge
Click here to view this video's source page

I'm not the best at explaining things in the video but what I am explaining is that this layout is based on a YouTuber who goes by the name GaragePro Hero, you can find his twitter page here, based on his character and latest DVD title, Strega.

This layout also features its on control panel where you can ad and update messages, control the behavior of the layout, make change it's structure, etc.
you will see those features in the video as I go more in-depth with the details.

IF you want quality then I'll provide quality!
Negative Edge DYNAMIC Overlays for streaming
Plug n Play, Let me do the work, not you

-Negative Edge

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