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Rules, Please read!

Rules, Please read!

Negative Edge

Member No: 1
Join Date: 10/15/2020
Role: Staff

Posted on Friday, Febuary 4th, 2022 at 11:49pm

This community is a simple and fair one.

The main thing I expect out of everyone is for everyone to get along with one another. Bullying and harassment will NOT be tolerated! That will result an permanent ban from the entire website. If you have an issue with another member of this community, ignore or report that individual to one of the members of the staff.

Everyone allowed and entitled to share their opinions about whatever the subject or issue may be if you agree with it or not. that is not grounds to cause or create conflict here in this community. If the differences cannot be resolved between who's involved, agree to disagree and move on, that too could lead to a permeant ban after a careful review of the situation.

Guest MUST register in order to participate in the community. Guest are free to browse the site where they are allowed but to fully participate in this community, registration is a must.

That's about it for now, if there is anything that needs to be mentioned, I will update this post.

Thank you and let us all enjoy and act like civilized people.

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